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Kristin & Montell Jordan

Montell & Kristin Jordan have been married for nearly 30 years and in marriage ministry for 15. They have co-authored “This is How We Do It; Making Your Marriage a Masterpeace” which chronicles the hardships a marriage can face including infidelity, financial stresses, loss of a child, and a loss of faith. Despite all of this, Montell and Kristin were able to re-establish their marriage and grow in love by devoting themselves to God.

Today, they are on a journey to see 1 million marriages transformed by the power of Jesus Christ just like theirs was. They are committed to pastoring pastors, influencing influencers, and helping couples preserve their family legacy.

With over 2 decades of entertainment business/industry/athletics experience, the Jordans curate safe spaces for couples to heal by applying faith principles and practical application in Marriage Masterpeace Retreats at The Jordan River for 3-5 day experiences.


Replenish, Renew, and Restore couples’ relationships with God and with each other.

The Mission

Marriage Masterpeace Retreats will equip, empower, and encourage married couples to discover and experience God’s best for their marriage.

  • Transform marriages by sharing God’s truth in love.
  • Establish/restore family legacy.
  • Provide 411 for marriages before 911 is necessary.
  • Make “forever” the best forever possible.
  • Eliminate divorce as an option.

Marriage Masterpeace Retreats at The Jordan River

How We Do It...

  • Host 3-5 day secluded Getaways
  • Retreats and Intensives
  • Pre-Marital Guidance
  • Ministry, Leadership Training, Spiritual Growth
  • Marriage Enhancement
  • Crisis Coaching
  • Self-Care, Mental Health Care and Wellness

Getaways (99%)

For couples that just need an escape.

  • Relax, refresh, and replenish with your spouse. Engage in activities planned by the Jordans for an unforgettable stay with other like-minded couples.

  • Meals prepared by a private chef, local excursions (on 5-day getaways) relationship-building exercises, and quality time away from your normal daily routine. 

  • Create lifetime marriage memories.

Retreats (411)

For couples that need to reconnect.

  • Get the tools, resources, and support to build a stronger marriage.


  • Improve communication, rebuild trust & intimacy, vision casting, conflict resolution, finances, and guided sessions to enhance your marriage.


  • Learn strategies to cherish, enjoy, and rekindle relationship with your spouse.

Intensives (911)

For couples that need to repair and restore.

  • Group sessions with a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Individual couples counseling sessions.

  • Restoring trust and healing from infidelity in a safe and non-judgmental space.

  • Reestablish trust, intimacy, and communication, strengthen your emotional connection, honor, and respect, and rebuild the foundation of your marriage.



Mario & Chaunte' Lowe

Chaunte’ Lowe is an American athlete, and four-time Olympian who competes in the high jump. 2008 bronze medalist, 2005 World championship silver medalist and 2012 World Indoor gold medalist. 

Mario also competed in triple jump, and has trained Chaunte’ for competition. Chaunte’ was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, and is a survivor! At 37 years of age, she is currently preparing to compete for the next Olympic games in Tokyo that was scheduled for 2020.

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott are authors of several books and creators of SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts).They are founders of the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University and are known worldwide for their work in Marriage and Family Therapy and psychology.

They are motivational speakers, professors, and one of the mostly highly sought after voices in the marriage space.

Q & Sharlinda Parker

Q Parker was a founding member of the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum R&B group 112. His wife Sharlinda is an entrepreneur and co-owner of an Atlanta-based salon, Tu La 2. They have been married for 19 years and have been instrumental in community service for the Atlanta community.

They are friends with Montell & Kristin and share how friendship and ministry have enhanced their marriage.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where is Marriage Masterpeace Retreats at the Jordan River located?
A: It is called The Jordan River, and it is a $2.5M, privately owned and operated, 13,000 sq ft home, resting on 6 acres of land in Atlanta, GA.

Q: How will you provide a safe place for couples?
A: Privacy (within our secured location), confidentiality, and anonymity are key factors for guests of The Jordan River. Those with public lives need a space to heal in private. The Jordan River is designed to keep the couple’s confidence. (Covid-19 considerations are also being made for physical safety measures)

Q: How can I support Marriage Masterpeace and The Jordan River?
A: 1. Prayer 2. Referrals 3. Give. Marriage Masterpeace is a 501c3 nonprofit and your contributions are tax deductible. Consider a one-time gift or monthly partnership to assist our mission to see 1 Million marriages

Q: Will you have qualified personnel at Marriage Masterpeace?
A: Yes. Licensed marriage and family therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches, speakers, and ministry leaders are partnering with the Jordans to create lasting impact for the couples.

"If you want to know what lies down the road ahead, ask someone who's already been there."

- Kristin & Montell Jordan

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